Carpet Cleaning

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Bonnet Cleaning:

It provides great surface cleaning results; the process mainly involves cleaning the first layer of carpet fibers. It is commonly used for light maintenance, and it is also used for regular carpet cleaning. This is one of the best options for heavy traffic areas that have a minimal window for drying time.

Steam Cleaning:

The carpet gets pre-treated with a cleaning formula that helps thoroughly break down the soil residue. Then they are rinsed from the carpet with pressurized hot water while simultaneously being vacuumed.

This is our most requested carpet clean because it is extremely detailed. The drying time does take some time however this will get your carpet looking pristine.


When it is applied to the carpet the cleaning agent loosens the dirt in the fibers and encapsulates it into powder as the foam dries. Once it dries the solution is vacuumed and then brushed. This option is the most environmentally friendly because it uses less water and has a shorter drying time. However it is limited and doesn't do a thorough clean on Heavy soiled carpet.

Deep Scrubbing :

Maintaining Pristine hard wood floors is important to the image of your facility. Many times, when people enter your facility floors will be the first thing they notice.

Scrubbing and Recoating is done a few times a year when you notice the finish of your floors is chipping and the seasonal changes damage the floors. It is inevitable the process is fast; the top layer of wax gets removed and any embedded dirt and soil from the floors get taken off without having to strip. This maintenance is recommended once every six months to prolong the need for stripping.

For the green cleaning I need the following to be changed.

Green Cleaning:

When it comes down to green cleaning there are a few important things to keep in mind. When you own an establishment it is important to keep

your building clean however the most important thing over all is health. When it comes down to your employees or if you are looking for cleaning for an office, daycare, vet etc. If you are looking into green cleaning products you should keep an eye out for words like “Natural” or “Eco- Friendly” which have no legal definition and are not regulated. It may be misleading also items that tout the term “Plant Based” have formulas containing a certain percentage of bio-based ingredients instead of ones that come from pet chems. The word “Plant Based” does not guarantee that all ingredients in the formula are plant based so it is anothone to watch out for. The good news is that our team in Quetzal Cleaning believes that green cleaning is best. We searched many products until we found the best ones approved by the EWG and by EPA. This is an option that our customers have. We also understand each location has a preference and we can work with that too. However, our customers that want to take the Eco Friendly route have the best products for you.

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